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Low-Carbon Hydrogen

Global leader delivering a full suite of hydrogen solutions through unrivaled technology and seamless project execution.

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Clean hydrogen is a key lever to achieve net zero targets set out in the Paris Agreement. Estimates suggest that hydrogen can aid global decarbonization by contributing upto 20% avoidance of CO2 emissions while forming around 10% of the global energy mix by 2050 (in a net-zero scenario) from almost nil today."

Decarbonized and affordable solutions for hydrogen production

Blue hydrogen, or low-carbon hydrogen with substantially reduced CO₂ emissions, is produced through minimization of the primary carbon footprint and deliberate capture of the coproduced CO₂.

Our leading position in hydrogen production and carbon capture enables us to offer a robust low-carbon hydrogen solution. In 2021, we launched BlueH₂ by T.EN™, a full suite of deeply decarbonized and cost competitive solutions for hydrogen production. BlueH₂ by T.EN™ features flight-proven proprietary technologies and carbon emissions reduced by up to 99 percent compared with traditional hydrogen, plus the flexibility to be tailored to individual applications.

Certain feedstock, such as bio-based gas, present viable opportunities for conversion to low-cost and low-carbon hydrogen. With extensive experience processing feedstock under various conditions, we are well positioned to valorize such opportunities to produce clean hydrogen.

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visual-Blue H2 solutions

Hydrogen plants using steam reforming technology
Years of experience and leadership in hydrogen production
References with CO₂ capture in H₂ plants
> 30%
Of existing installed capacity worldwide

Our positioning across the H₂ value chain

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  • 1. Steam methane reforming (SMR)*
  • 2. Auto thermal reforming (ATR)
  • 3. EARTH®: Enhanced Annular Reforming Tube for Hydrogen*
  • 4. TPR®: Technip Energies Parallel Reformer convective recuperative reformer*
  • 5. LSV®: Large-scale Vortex ultra-low NOx burner*
  • 6. Dual-chamber process gas boiler
  • 7. Our burner test facility in The Netherlands
  • 8. CO₂ Capture

*Proprietary T.EN technology

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  • From 5,000 Nm3/h to > 330,000 Nm3/h (grassroot)
  • Revamping existing plants
  • Increasing existing plant capacity up to 30 percent
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  • Air Products: LSV burner technology
  • Clariant: Structured catalyst EARTH®
  • BASF: CO2 absorption
  • Shell: CANSOLV capture technology

Key project references

  • LG Chem, first Blue H₂ by T.EN™ plant to supply Daesan complex in South Korea 
  • Tallgrass Energy, technology comparison ATR versus SMR enabling >90% CO2 capture – Blue H2
  • Sinopec refinery and Acetic Acid facility, China, multi-product HyCO plant with 100% pre-combustion CO2 capture
  • HPCL Visakh, India, two hydrogen trains with a combined capacity of 320,000 Nm3/h, comprising the largest hydrogen generation plant in India. The project includes power generation from the hydrogen plant as well as Technip Energies' proprietary recuperative reforming technology TPR (R) that reduces CO₂ footprint per unit of hydrogen
  • Suncor Refinery, 75 MW power, largest single-train SMR hydrogen plant
  • Rosneft Tuapse Refinery, Russia, largest single-train H2 plant in the world, 238,000 Nm3/h


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