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Origine - Our headquarters

The innovative, eco-responsible architecture of this building reflects Technip Energies’ environmental ambitions

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Our new headquarters in France reflects, through its design, composition and construction, the leading role we play in energy transition.

Arnaud Pieton, Chief Executive Officer, Technip Energies

Technip Energies new HQ

The Origine building is an ICADE real estate program of over 70,000 sqm located in Nanterre, behind the Grande Arche de la Défense.

Inspired by the shapes of reefs, it was designed by architects Maud Caubet and Donatienne Jannel from Quadri Fiore, and built by BATEG, a subsidiary of Vinci Construction France.

51,000 sqm will be dedicated exclusively to Technip Energies in two eight-story buildings connected by gardens and walkways on the upper floors.

labels and environmental certifications
square meters (sqm) large terrace, open to all employees
sqm of green areas, representing 36,5% of the land plot
approx. of energy saving compared to the previous building (Adria tower in la Défense)

Key features:

This building reflects in its design and construction, Technip Energies’ ambition to contribute to energy transition.
Logo Labels

It displays six leading environmental certifications and labels, awarded by French and international organizations: HQE, BREEAM, LEED BIODIVERCITY, E + C-, WELL.

Origine facade image
Wood is both in the structure & the envelope
  • Materials with low environmental impact, eg. a low-carbon concrete and wood framework
  • Low-carbon energy sources via a mix of geothermal energy and photovoltaic panels on the roof, a 100% green electricity contract
  • Rainwater recovery for sanitary facilities and gardens
  • Natural ventilation of the building with more than 1,800 windows to be partially opened
  • 4,730 sqm of green areas, representing more than 36% of the plot.
square meters (sqm)
balconies & loggias open to all employees
meeting rooms and a Knowledge Hub
Origine_Vue aerienne_2
Solar panels on the rooftop
  • The interior design of the building, in line with the evolution of our ways of working, is specifically adapted to the "project" spirit which is the DNA of Technip Energies.
  • The perfect balance between the surface area dedicated to workstations and the many indoor and outdoor common spaces at the service of well-being and performance is meant to promote collaborative work and the fluidity of exchanges between employees.
  • Origine was also designed to share our expertise and know-how within our teams. There is a 500qm space called “Knowledge Hub” fully dedicated to sharing knowledge and expertise within our teams, whereas the Showroom (or Espace Jules Verne) is showcasing our projects, know-how and expertise to our clients.
Origine vue grande terrasse 7e etage
  • A huge effort has also been made on the IT equipment of all meeting rooms to allow and make “hybrid” work as easy as possible.
  • Non-polluting mobility devices to reach the site are also encouraged as they answer to increasing demands from our employees.
    • 500 parking spots for cars of which around 100 for electric vehicles.
    • 660sqm for bicycle parking including electric ones. 

Last but not least, Origine is located in the new district of la Défense, behind the Grande Arche, with all common transports at 5 to 10 min walk. The ease of access was a key criteria of the project.

Meet our VP for Real Estate Frédérique Le Moigne

Real Estate VP for Technip Energies, Frédérique Le Moigne is managing the Technip Energies head office relocation in Paris since 2016. 
Frédérique Le Moigne

She joined the company in 1998 in the Engineering department, where she contributed to the success of numerous international industrial oil and gas projects. She is a graduate engineer in process engineering from ENSIGC at the National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse and holds an Executive Master in Real Estate Management (MMI) from ESSEC Business School.

"This project was a unique opportunity to design with our teams innovative spaces, at the cutting edge of technology, ergonomics, aesthetics and services, to promote well-being and performance."

Un projet fait par les équipes, pour les équipes et au service des équipes

Ce choix d’aménagement de l’espace est le résultat d’une démarche collaborative entre la Direction et les salariés initiée dès le début du projet et menée en quatre temps entre 2018 et 2020 pour définir les concepts et les espaces de travail les plus appropriés aux besoins de chacun :

  • Déterminer les principes d’aménagement en s’appuyant sur de nombreuses visites de sites, benchmarks, rencontres avec des experts, études internes, interview de managers et ateliers collaboratifs.
  • Recueillir les besoins et spécificités de chaque département et projet pour concevoir les plans détaillés des plateaux de travail.
  • Tester sur un étage entier de la tour Adria, les nouveaux espaces de travail, positions de travail. Plus de mille retours des équipes testeuses nous ont permis d’apporter des améliorations aux mobiliers et aux aménagements intérieurs.
  • Déployer un plan d’accompagnement ambitieux pour favoriser l’adoption des nouveaux espaces : visites, e-learning de prise en main des espaces, visites virtuelles du site, ateliers, kit de bienvenue et plus.

A wide range of services for our teams

Eric Kayser
Erik Kayser quick-lunch space
  • Two company restaurants entirely glazed and opening on the interior gardens of the building, with a diverse and quality offer.
  • A quick-lunch space and a picnic area open all day.
  • More than 30 coffee corners, half of which open onto terraces and balconies.
  • An internal co-working space extended by a terrace of more than 300 sqm.
  • Three fitness rooms and a concierge service.
  • Meeting spaces designed specifically to accommodate our visitors: 4 business centers, a showroom and a 160-seat auditorium.

Spotlight : A dedicated project team

Origine HQ team

Internal players

A multi-disciplinary project team has been created to carry out this project for more than three years, mixing skills and expertise from Construction, HR, Communication, Change management, Space planning and design, Ergonomics, IT and Audiovisual experts and including staff reps… all of them being internal Technip Energies people working together to deliver this unique project.

External partners

  • Icade: owner, landlord and developer of the Origine building.
  • Maud Caubet and Quadri Fiore architecture: architects of the building.
  • Bateg, a subsidiary of Vinci Construction France: contractor.
Annick Honoré

I loved being part of the MOVE experience. Motivation to share information between the project team and employees, the Opportunity to have exclusive information, the site Visits carried out all along the project, the Excitement to move to ORIGINE, as it marks a new beginning for Technip Energies.

Annick Honoré, Ambassador

Being a MOVE ambassador was an opportunity to re-examine our ways of working. As a digital expert, I participated in the design of hybrid mode working, on better integration of digital tools in our physical space. It is exciting, through this real estate project, to create better work experiences.

Aurelia Dine, Ambassador

Spotlight: 80 ambassadeurs du projet

Ce projet n'aurait pas été le même sans 80 ambassadeurs bénévoles. Leur rôle était de contribuer à la communication interne du projet, en cascadant les informations mais aussi en soulevant auprès de l'équipe projet les questions de leurs collègues.

Certains d'entre eux ont également contribué à certaines activités clés du projet telles que les ateliers de microzoning, le contenu et la conception d'outils de communication, les tests des nouveaux espaces, les visites du nouveau bâtiment et le partage de leurs commentaires avec leurs collègues, le nommage de certains espaces et services dans le bâtiment…

Origine headquarter visit 360° (2:20)

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