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CO₂ management

Offering efficient, competitive and at scale carbon capture solutions

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Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) is key to reach Net Zero. Technip Energies is answering the growing demand for CCUS solutions by providing proven and cost-effective Carbon Capture and integrated solutions to all industries."

Julie Cranga, VP Business Development CO₂ Management, Technip Energies

State-of-the-art carbon capture solutions

There will be approximately 1.6 Giga tons per year of carbon to be captured from industrial production process by 2030. It is 40 times the current capture capacity.
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Across industries, companies are investing in carbon capture, utilization and sequestration (CCUS) solutions to meet the growing need for decarbonization. Technip Energies is a global leader in delivering CCUS solutions and developing the next generation of CCUS technologies that will help industrial companies reduce carbon emissions in a sustainable manner for decades to come.

As a key player in the development of CCUS technologies & solutions and realization of Projects, we are a member of the Global CCS Institute.

Long-lasting experience

Technip Energies is a leading provider of consulting, engineering services and technologies for the low-carbon energy market. We assist our clients in defining the best techno-economical carbon management strategies while integrating their critical needs and constraints. Our experts provide key support in the rapid development and deployment of CCUS technologies that ensure the best solutions for our clients.

We provide a full range of services from consulting and feasibility studies to full EPC. We design and execute CCUS projects for both new-build and retrofit CO2 capture on existing industrial facilities and power plants. We have delivered FEED studies such as the CCS Oslo and Peterhead CCS projects.

Our collaboration with various industry partners and startups, in addition to our proprietary technologies, allow us to offer clients the most up-to-date solutions for the CCUS market. We are the engineering partner of choice for deploying CO2 capture in groundbreaking applications, such as on a gas-fired power plant and a waste-to-energy plant.

Differentiating expertise

With more than 50 years of experience in the removal and management of CO2 in natural gas syngas and now carbon capture plants in multiple competency centers, we are well qualified to design and execute your CCUS project from capture to sequestration or valorization systems.

50 Years of experience in the removal and management of CO₂ in natural gas syngas and now carbon capture

installations delivered for the removal of CO₂ and sulphur components
Clients trusted us for their carbon capture projects
CCUS experts across our 12 centers of excellence
We are member of the Global CCUS Institute

Leading technologies for low-carbon industries

Exclusive Alliance with Shell CANSOLV ® CO₂ Capture Technology
  • Exclusive Alliance with Shell CANSOLV® since 2012 for Post Combustion CO2 Capture solutions in Power & Utility industries
  • Shell CANSOLV ® is the leading amine-based CO2 Capture technology that offers cutting-edge performance, including low parasitic energy consumption, fast kinetics and extremely low volatility
  • Joint marketing and market engagement with numerous past and current references
  • Joint programs for achieving continuous efficiency and competitiveness improvements

Scale-up partner for the emergent CCUS Technologies

  • Focus on identifying and developing emergent technologies across the CCUS chain
  • Proven track record of providing support to development, scale-up, commercialization and licensing of emergent technologies
  • Multiple R&D and technology centres worldwide
  • Numerous industry affiliations and partnerships for supporting the emergence of the CCUS industry

Extensive experience and​ expertise in leading CCUS technologies

  • Legacy experience with suite of licensed technologies for the removal of CO2 and sulphur components from process streams
  • 50+ installations already delivered with removal of CO2 and sulphur components from natural gas and syngas
  • Global network of experts on all distinctive bricks across the CCUS chain
  • Proven capability to select the best technical and economical carbon management strategies, while accounting for client needs and specifications
  • Integrated an innovative solutions that span across the CCS chain; from source to sink
  • Efficient solution for the sequestration of CO2 in offshore reservoirs with T.EN Offshore C-Hub™

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