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Together by T.EN

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Our ESG pledge for a sustainable future

At Technip Energies, we believe our role goes beyond business. Aligned with our Purpose and Values, our ambition is to use our abilities to unleash talents to resolve complexity, to overcome challenges, and foster a sustainable ecosystem for industry and the planet.

We have defined our ESG Roadmap together over the last year with the active participation of our people our stakeholders from an inclusive all-encompassing community of investors, clients, NGOs, and industry bodies. We came together with a shared sense of responsibility to design a robust and ambitious ESG roadmap ‘Together by T.EN’ driven by 4 strategic pillars.

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Download the ESG Roadmap presentation here:

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Video: Discover our ESG Roadmap (05:22)

Our ESG scorecard

Our ESG scorecard is how we translate our commitments into actions and the way we measure our ESG performance. It is a four-year ESG Scorecard, which describes our broader ESG goals in our 4 pillars.

We are engineering solutions in the energy sector and industries; we strive to solve complex energy challenges such as climate change. It is our duty to deliver to the world more sustainable plants and low-carbon solutions.  

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We are committed to sustaining a caring and inclusive work environment to attract, nurture and retain our talents with absolute commitment to safety, quality, security, and wellbeing of our global multicultural workforce.

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To implement the full potential of our ESG strategy we rely on strong governance and full accountability of the CEO and Board of Directors. ESG is part of our business strategy and we do not compromise on integrity.

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The transition to a sustainable future can only be achieved through intelligent partnerships, collaboration to enrich our knowledge, and innovation for making a lasting positive impact in local communities. 

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Signatory of the UNGC: commitment to the Ten Principles
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Commitment to the UN SDGs: Taking actions and contributing to the global goals
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Member of Building Responsibly: collaboration for workers’ rights and welfare

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